The Pioneer Cabin Sequoia was not killed by recent storms. This magnificent  tree that had been growing for more than 1,000 years was put to a slow, drawn out death by short-term thinking, greedy people who could only see an opportunity to make money by carving the tree’s heart out so tourists could  drive their cars through it.

( “A big tree falls in the forest,” Jan. 10)

Those who created this “tourist attraction” killed the tree slowly.

We appear to be a nation of short-term thinkers, and people who take the long view seem to be in the minority. I  wonder why humans can’t simply see the beauty of nature as it exists. Rather, they need to “improve” it or “make it into a profit center” Why can’t a millennium-old tree just be valued because it exists?

I fear for the future of our planet as the short-term thinkers appear to be winning.


Source: LA Times

Ed Hieshetter, San Diego